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From Chaos to Joy-interview with Siobhan M Kelly-Soul Alignment


🌷 I cordially invite you to listen to the interviews 'From Chaos to Joy'. This idea was born during the creation of my music album. My first guest today is Siobhan M Kelly. Siobhan is a healer-teacher-visionary-guide and spiritual wellness coach specializing in helping spiritual seekers uncover their Soul Purpose. Her area of expertise is the removal of Past Life karma that contributes to the Emotional and Mental Blocks that keep us stuck and repeating the same negative patterns in our lives. Siobhan shares with us her beautiful story, and how she started owning her story and her talents. If we experience lack we are out of alignment with our soul. When we force ourselves into places we don’t belong we can easily lose connection to our intuition and our path can be bumpy. Before we create anything new, we have to let go.

🍀Walking through chaos, and the feeling of being on the edge can be scary. Siobhan never expected herself to be a single parent, and facing homelessness. You are going to find out how she found her inner peace and healed her wounds and started loving herself. On a bumpy road you can still be disciplined, get up early, pray, set intentions, study coaching, and do juicing. By simplifying your life and making yourself your own project you can create miracles.

🍀Mindfulness can help you to reconnect with yourself. We create what we focus on and attract experiences that vibrate with us. When we align to our soul level doors open for us, and we meet the right people. How will you know what to decide when faced with a choice or opportunity? Listen to the end of our conversation as Siobhan shares with us a practical practice to connect with your intuition and not your fears. She coaches her clients from all over the world to uncover and work with this Ancient knowledge, their Intuition which is held within each of our Souls and is always available to You.

🍀Your Soul Purpose is the essence of who you are at your core, and discovering it reveals clearly what your specific Life Path is. Learning to work with your Soul gifts, Soul skills and Soul talents is the reason You were born. Gain a deep and unshakable confidence in all of your choices, always knowing the specific right action for You to take in every situation from business, career, relationships, money and even your health. Discover your own Sacred Mission and Soul gift for yourself.

💙 You can connect with Siobhan here: https://www.siobhanmkelly.com/about

🌷 My name is Natalia and I cordially invite you to listen to the interviews 'From Chaos to Joy'. This idea was born during the creation of my music album, to present my feelings and transformation through music. I have invited people I met along the way, virtually or live, to share their paths and bumpy roads. My guests were the first ones to listen to my album and shared their thoughts about it. Why from chaos to joy? I am interested in the process of starting something from scratch, and very much love having close conversations with other people who have gone through this process. Doing something from scratch means sometimes struggling with change and discomfort, making important decisions at different moments in life to find your joy, your balance, your inner peace, your personal and professional fulfilment. It's dealing with the desire to create that knocks on our door, and the emotions that come with it.

🌷To show you the different processes of what I call 'From Chaos to Joy', I invite you with all my heart to this journey of meetings. Each of us is different and will call it differently. There are different paths, there is no one way and everyone is free to choose the direction they want to go. It is very important to look with an open mind and not to compare. I hope that these meetings will inspire you, give you insight and wisdom, and encourage you to be creative in your life, following your own path.

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🌷 Ps. What does Siobhan think about my album 'From chaos to joy'
'Natalia’s music is like a magical journey that she takes you on. Her musical influences are many and I love the way she weaves new world sounds, with 80’s punk strong and confident in her track 'My Anger' and jazz influences with beautiful piano playing in 'Ludwig and Elisa' that is also light and playful.
Her lyrics are like poetry, honest, strong, and full of emotion that you feel allowed to enter into her world, and she welcomes you in! Not just as passive listeners but to be an active participant in her Soul journey.
Natalia weaves so beautifully her Polish/ Irish-Celtic mix living on the very edge of Europe. Her album feels both new and ageless, its music that you instantly like and know you will love it as you listen more, finding more depts.
This album is like a book, each song a mini story complete on its own but part of a much greater whole… as Natalia’s searching Soul, blends with your own search internal and external.
It’s an album for life, a backdrop to keep listening to and finding more and more each time… It’s an album of inclusion.. as you feel she has shared with you.
Truly work from her Soul and is so worth listening too.' Siobhan M Kelly