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Natalia Krause is a singer and mindfulness teacher, creative force behind This Lunar Mansion, an online artist who loves variety. In her music, she combines experimental pop-rock with  jazz and classical elements, which are deeply rooted in the feeling of unity with everything, looking for a cultural connection and emotional expression.

Her musical inspirations are artists like Sting, Marillion, Tori Amos, Sade, Kasia Nosowska, Kasia Kowalska, and instrumental music by Joe Satriani and Ryan Farish, just to name a few.
Artistic inspirations come from the multi-cultural city of Galway, on the Atlantic Ocean.
This is where Natalia spends a lot of time meditating, creating melodies and
just letting the present moment show itself as it is.
Most of the lyrics are poetry written by the widely published, award  winning Irish poet Ciarán Parkes. While the deeply  reflective Polish  lyrics have been written by Andrzej Silski, a talented poet from Poznań.
Many gifted people participated in the implementation of this project, the first of them was
a drummer Akirson-Marcin Ostarz, who helped to put together the first demo of the songs and became a co-composer.


All tracks are recorded in the Origin studio in Dublin run by Terry Merrick, producer,
who is the main musician responsible not only for the recording but also for the mix and mastering of the sound.
What counts for us is the space in music and, as Terry usually says, the sounds  'of the wall' that enrich the songs as much as possible to maintain space and balance throughout the whole composition.


Terry is a creative multi-instrumentalist and producer, who helps to combine all these elements into professionally recorded music and encouraged me to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional artist.
Cooperation with Andrzej resulted in the fact that the album will be released in English and Polish.
The premiere of the album will take place in 2023 and soon the first singles in Polish & English will appear.

TERRY MERRICK is a creative multi-instrumentalist and a producer, owner of Origin Studio, Dublin. He has helped to bring all melodies and ideas together into professionally recorded music and encouraged me in my dream of becoming a professional artist.


BARRY DUFFY, a professional drummer, teacher and a video maker who brought his powerful drumming skills, wealth of experience and new innovative ways of recording my music and first vocals in his studio.


MIYUKI KATSU-MALONEY, a teacher, an interior designer and classically trained professional pianist from Tokyo, who at the start of the project  happily did a few open mic sessions with me and  added new piano touches, giving me greatly increased confidence around my music and creativity.



TONY MLEĆKA, a self taught guitarist, instrumentalist from Czech Republic who could successfully make his living from busking, brought his gentle energy, enthusiasm  and musical experience towards some of the songs such as 'Aeolian', 'Outside', 'Fear of unknown' and the instrumental piece 'Ludwig and Elisa'.



 CIARÁN PARKES, is an award winning, widely published poet, who amazingly put his thoughts into words, giving depth to our compositions. He enjoys the collaborative process of seeing his poems transformed into songs. Some of his poems can be read at:



ANDRZEJ MATEUSZ SILSKI, is a poet from Poznan, journalist and the author of songs and poems for children and youth in Polish language. For younger children, he has written "A School Forest", "Game of Colors" and "Jasiu Landrynka", which together with specially composed songs, were successfully presented as a performance at various theater festivals. Songs with his lyrics were sung by, among others, Krzysztof Krawczyk and many other famous Polish performers. For many years Andrzej has collaborated with the outstanding composer and arranger Bogusław Harendarczyk. Together, they created many songs for children and teenagers, which were presented at various festivals by young talented performers. Currently, Andrzej has been involved in 'This Lunar Mansion' project, has written Polish versions of lyrics which gave our songs new expression and deep reflections. More about Andrzej you can find on www.andrzejsilski.pl


We invite you into an unexpected, musical journey!