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Emerge yourself in experimental music, feel your emotions, find your joy and your inner peace.


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This Lunar's Mansion Inspiration for you

Everybody wants this Lunar Mansion but nobody can have it.
This Lunar Mansion is for each of us. It is ours. It is something inside.
It is where we put ourselves in the Cosmos...
We all make our mansions-some above ground, some below.
But we don't build cities. We gravitate, we orbit. We interact.
Everybody wants to reach their Lunar Mansion
but you can't cheat the distance that exists rocketing ahead in an oddly named stardom
It's the journey.
It is finding the Entrance to This Lunar Mansion that you have built.
We need to find a key and explore these different rooms and see different possibilities
That might involve writing, painting or singing
Whatever gets you there genuinely. A magic carpet or flying boots.
You choose. 


'Natalia’s music is like a magical journey that she takes you on. Her musical influences are many and I love the way she weaves new world sounds, with 80’s punk strong and confident in her track 'My Anger' and jazz influences with beautiful piano playing in 'Ludwig and Elisa' that is also light and playful. Her lyrics are like poetry, honest, strong, and full of emotion that you feel allowed to enter into her world, and she welcomes you in! Not just as passive listeners but to be an active participant in her Soul journey. Natalia weaves so beautifully her Polish/ Irish-Celtic mix living on the very edge of Europe. Her album feels both new and ageless, its music that you instantly like and know you will love it as you listen more, finding more depths. This album is like a book, each song a mini story complete on its own but part of a much greater whole… as Natalia’s searching Soul, blends with your own search internal and external. It’s an album for life, a backdrop to keep listening to and finding more and more each time… It’s an album of inclusion ...as you feel she has shared with you. Truly work from her Soul and is so worth listening to.'

Siobhan M Kelly https://www.siobhanmkelly.com/about


  • Coming soon!
  • A flow from Eastern Europe to the Wild Atlantic Way


Coming soon! Pre-order Natalia's debut album now
A flow from Eastern Europe to the Wild Atlantic Way Pre-order Natalia's debut album now


Natalia's Krause new album is a delightful journey into the
depths of your own soul. From 'Aeolian' that connects us to the power of a new
choice, through 'Anger', that will help you reach to this powerful energy of "no", to the phenomenal bonus track 'Make a date to meet the sun' -
Natalia's voice is rich and vibrant and connects you deeply to a deeper layers
of yourself. 

Pati Garg, author of "Year of Awakening" www.patigarg.pl

"So many good songs on this album. Really love the honesty of the lyrics and how dynamic and new it feels yet comfortable, easy listening. Natalia's beautiful energy shines through on each song. Highly recommend this great first album by such a talented artist !"

Niall O'Floinn, Galway Latin Dance & Chen Tai Chi Ireland, www.latindance.ie

This is a creation that will bring you to all sort of places.  Expect unexpected. Natalia's voice is powerful and will bring you to places of love, pain, sorrow, hope. Just listen. What happens to you when you listen to 'Aeolian' or 'I wonder where you are'? 'Lascaux horse'? or 'Fear of unknown'

I got shivers while listening to 'Aeolian'...

Ania Świstoń, Gestalt psychotherapist

Thank you, thank you very much for ‘Lascaux horse’ song. The most I appreciate is your strong, powerful voice. Amazing. The mood of the song is engaging, a bit hypnotic but that's through your voice. An enchanting track.
The composition is wonderful. Melody flowing floating behind your voice.  A song that has its own atmosphere. Very good
composition frame of the video. I personally like the second part of the song best. This is my musical vibe. I am waiting for the next songs to come out as it would be very sad if they didn't.  I find
this song full of sincerity and commitment.

R.Klimczewski, engineer

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From chaos to joy

Why Natalia's music?

"Music is a language that can be used to communicate in every corner of the globe. It is up to the artists whether this language resembles the gibberish of politicians or is closer to Szymborska's poems. Listening to Natali's album, I am sure that she does not intend to buy listeners with meaningless nothing to
contribute to gibberish :). Always listening to music I am able to notice where the Artist drew her inspiration from. When it comes to Natalia's album it is not obvious, and perhaps it is better not to look for similarities forcibly. We have a choice of a dozen interesting compositions, well played, in which Natalia's voice is a common feature. I think that this album will find recognition in the eyes of more sophisticated listeners who are looking for good quality music. It is already in my music collection."

Jacek Perkowski https://www.fluentbe.com/en