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From Chaos to Joy-interview with John Danias- From burnout to Mindfulness

🌷 How can we explore our inner landscape and still feel safe expressing ourselves? Does something have to happen to us so we can step out of thinking and be more in the body? Does something have to happen so that we start to connect deeper to ourselves?

Today, I am sharing with you an interview with John Danias, Greek living in the UK who loves surfing, boxing, fusing mind training in every day activities. John was juggling more than he was comfortable with, climbing the career and affluence ladder. He was stuck on the perpetual treadmill of the rat race, and his job didn't give him any more confidence and happiness than he initially felt. It was gradual and so subtle that he didn't recognise it. He felt really bad for feeling bad and bringing heaviness and pressure home wasn't helping at all.

One day he woke up in the middle of the night, feeling disconnected. His mind split into two parts, it was bizarre and shocking to him. That was the beginning of change. If you are feeling confused about your job situation, burnout and looking for a new direction, you might find John's story very inspirational. We talk about mindfulness and when cultivating mindfulness starts. Noticing when we are in our thoughts and things are eating us up.

Can mindfulness and kindness be valuable elements in planning and taking part in negotiations? Are you aware of your doing and being mode? If you resonate with any of those above I am sure you will enjoy this conversation immensely. John shares some mindfulness practices that he uses to help him, so watch till the end. I am so grateful for this beautiful connection and mindful conversation. I can't wait to share it with you!

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🌷 My name is Natalia and I cordially invite you to listen to the interviews 'From Chaos to Joy'. This idea was born during the creation of my music album, to present my feelings and transformation through music. I have invited people I met along the way, virtually or live, to share their paths and bumpy roads. My guests were the first ones to listen to my album and shared their thoughts about it. Why from chaos to joy? I am interested in the process of starting something from scratch, and very much love having close conversations with other people who have gone through this process. Doing something from scratch means sometimes struggling with change and discomfort, making important decisions at different moments in life to find your joy, your balance, your inner peace, your personal and professional fulfilment. It's dealing with the desire to create that knocks on our door, and the emotions that come with it.

🌷To show you the different processes of what I call 'From Chaos to Joy', I invite you with all my heart to this journey of meetings. Each of us is different and will call it differently. There are different paths, there is no one way and everyone is free to choose the direction they want to go. It is very important to look with an open mind and not to compare. I hope that these meetings will inspire you, give you insight and wisdom, and encourage you to be creative in your life, following your own path.

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