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Find your joy -mini course

Find your joy -mini course

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Find your joy is a special present apart from songs you will receive 7 live videos with Natalia (30min each) taken from her 'Meditation challenge' recorded from 13th-19th Nov on her 40th birthday.

The intention is on joy and finding strength and inner peace to support your creative passion and create more joy in your life.

You will receive 2 digital songs:

Find your joy-full vocal version/wav digital single

Find your joy-instrumental version/wav file

2 pdf single covers



DAY 1-Relaxation/Clarity-intention on joy 

DAY 2-Give yourself permission for being joyful and fulfilling your dreams

DAY 3-Tangible exercises/actions related to your inner joy and fulfilment

DAY 4-How do you support/create your joy every day?

DAY 5-'I am really doing this'-notice moments when you are joyful and how you create it

DAY 6-My plan-how much time do I need to do 'tangible happy routine' to nourish my inner joy?

DAY 7- Embracing inner child who wants to play. 

Total time is around 3hrs 30min of exercises and meditations.