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Mindfulness to prevent burn out & create joy


'You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’

John Kabat-Zinn  

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 I invite you to listen to this beautiful conversation about  mindfulness. My teacher is Shamash Alidina, a trainer from London and author of 11 books, creator of bestsellers 'Mindfulness for smart people' and 'The Mindful way through stress'. In a light and 'kindful' way Shamash talks about what mindfulness is and if we can  get rid of thoughts? Many other interesting information you will learn from this beautiful talk. Stay till the end because there will also be a short mindfulness meditation that you can experience.

Ps. And if you would like to work with me and participate in the course in Galway or online, you are cordially invited. You can find my approach, experience and details of the course below. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you soon, Natalia :)


🍀Mindfulness course (Galway/Ireland)



Start:  8  sessions (individual)

Where: online

Price: 450e

 Meetings will be held once a week 1hr 15 min

FOR GROUP 12 week course in Triskel Centre click here to book

Contact: Email Natalia to make an appointment for a 30 minute free consultation beforehand.(obligatory)

Natalia Krause thislunarmansion@gmail.com / +353(0)876829661 (Ireland)


As a child, I really enjoyed lying in the garden with my dog. I loved sitting in the sun on the soft lawn. I felt deep peace, the warmth of the sun and safety. I could feel my breath and the sensation of warmth on my skin. I was observing  it. This was my first meditation that I had experienced without even knowing it. Totally aware of being here and now. It was a moment of silence and stillness with my dog by my side.

It wasn't until later, after various stressful situations in my life, feeling constant sadness and lack of direction, that at the age of 29 I went on my first retreat in silence, called Vipassana, which means 'to see things as they are'. I was already practicing Tai Chi by then, and became an instructor, training with teacher Niall O'Floinn and master Wang Hai Jun, Galway Tai Chi Academy. I rediscovered singing classes and wrote down song ideas. I also began delving into meditation and mindfulness training to have a better, in-depth understanding of it. I repeatedly heard feedback about their positive effects, but as with everything, I decided to see if that would be something for me.

 My journey led me to 3 more retreats and a wonderful retreat in Nottingham with Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk from Vietnam, who founded Plum Village in France to spread mindfulness in Europe.

During my personal development, I opened myself up to my creativity, singing, dance and mindfulness practice. I completed a Mindfulness course with Shamash Alidina, and in the process I realized what my strengths are... gentleness, compassion, sharing peace and my music to support others to build up their inner peace, prevent burnout and create more joy in their lives. The mindfulness training I am currently doing allows me to pass my experience and knowledge on to you.


What is mindfulness & what does it involve?

Conscious attention focused on the here and now - this is the simplest way to describe the practice of mindfulness. The main 'goal' of mindfulness and meditation is to be present with 'what is', develop emotional balance & awareness from moment to moment. It is worth emphasizing the difference between meditation and mindfulness, though.

Meditation is

  • establishing time with yourself in silence (for example sitting meditation/mantra meditation)

  • the ability to calm yourself

  • body scan

  • observing the breath
  • accepting the moment as it is/without striving 
Mindfulness, on the other hand, is:
  • conscious mindfulness in everyday life activities/situations (mindful walking/mindful eating etc)

  • being in the present moment with difficult emotions

  • real participation in what we do (without being stuck in the past or worried about the future :)


A drop of water  is the symbol that illustrates mindfulness, which is time, space, present, past and future.

Mindfulness comes naturally to us when we are in nature and sink into its beauty, we don't think then just absorb what surrounds us.
The most difficult moment to train  our mindfulness skill is when something distracting happens in our lives, we are flooded with emotions, and we try not to react. Such a state of stress along with elevated cortisol levels lasting for too long can lead to the development of various diseases. Hence, a daily mindfulness practice is recommended to strengthen one's ability to calm down in any moment, even a difficult one.

 Life will always be full of challenges, however when you have developed attentiveness with kindness to yourself it will help you to choose a better solution or get unstuck from whatever is happening in your life.  This  way, instead of a sleepless night, you will cope with a flurry of thoughts and provide the body with needed rest.

Many of us spend our lives analysing our past or worrying about the future. Very often we are  lost in what has happened or plan for what is yet to come, forgetting what is now. That is also a nature of our mind- constantly wondering. Our mind runs off into different stories and finds it difficult to stay in the present moment - because mostly we want to be somewhere else.

So for a moment close your eyes and put your hand on your heart, breathe in and breathe out. How does it feel to pause for a second?


What you are doing today is your life, so how is it possible that most of the time you are not really here? Where are you?

     1.Do you often experience incessant ruminations or critical dialogues? Maybe you criticize yourself internally for something that has already happened or worry about the future?

     2.Maybe you constantly feel tension in your body caused by one recurring memory? Maybe you feel guilt, which for some reason doesn't want to leave you, and you constantly return with your thoughts to this state?

    3. Do you feel stressed or overworked?

 Maybe you also experience:

  • unjustified anxiety or fear
  • suddenly appearing anger

  • a feeling of sadness 
  • a feeling of chaos and difficulty finding inner peace

  • or simply you want to feel more relaxed, learn mindfulness & meditation but don't know how to start.

🍀If you feel any of the following emotions, I encourage you to actively participate in my Mindfulness course  which will help you not only build inner peace, prevent burnout, sleep better but also make better decisions for yourself. Mindfulness practice would be a gentle way to start with to alleviate stress accumulated in your mind and your body.


  • how  we generate feelings of tension in our lives

  • 4 elements of  mindfulness training

  • you will learn more about stress management/prevent burnout

  • mindfulness practices (mindful eating/body scan/tai chi basics/guided meditation) you will learn how to  manage your emotions, your mind & your body better

Let a set of my practical exercises help you feel peace and joy more often by paying attention to what really is around you. Enjoy the beauty of nature, other people's presence and your relationships with them.

Mindfulness sessions will allow you to focus on your emotional state and your body. You will learn to gently pay attention to what your body needs right now. The most important thing is to read the subtle signals sent by our body and observe the nature of our mind-constantly changing and wondering. Everything is in us, feeling of freedom, ability to concentrate and joyful self-expression, however  they have been covered up by the work pressures & fast-paced lifestyle.

What else is in your course?

You will add 4 very important elements of mindfulness training to your practice, which include:

  1. 🍀Take a step back-instead of reacting, take a step back, be an observer, see the challenge in your life from a different perspective.

  2. 🍀Acceptance or acquiescence-this is different from fighting the situation you are in. In case of quicksand, fighting only accelerates the sinking into them / Try to connect with your body and the "sand" in the situation and approach it with calm, breathe.

  3. 🍀Curiosity-activates the prefrontal cortex by asking yourself questions such as: Where specifically do I feel the stress? Where in my body is the tension accumulating? What happens when I start breathing into that place? How can I help myself and get through this situation with peace of mind?

  4. 🍀Kindness- 'warm-heartedness'/ loving kindness towards yourself, and feeling 'good enough'  when you handle difficult situations. Mindfulness training without warm kindness to yourself  would be just focus on here and now. Kindness is like a sunshine. Dalailama himself was surprised when he heard that in Western culture to be kind to ourselves  is so challenging for people -so that is what we are going to practice during our course! :) ☀️☀️☀️

Time dedicated to mindfulness in my life builds my awareness and presence with whatever unfolds. My practice helps me to see with curiosity  myself, my loved ones and co-workers. With kindness, I observe all my emotional states and let them flow through me without trying to fight them as I used to.. As an artist and introvert I have always felt everything very intensely and been overwhelmed with my emotions and emotions of others. Now thanks to my training and education I have gone through I know how to look after my inner world better & how to express my feelings through music and movement.  I am convinced that my tools could be beneficial to you as well. if you are highly sensitive and feel a lot  & process a lot in your internal world.

Additionally, I want to say that none of us likes to suffer, but we face  range of emotions every day. We try to push them away, suppress them or avoid to feel them at all. The practice of mindfulness allows us to carefully observe our feelings, thoughts and the unexplored paths our mind takes us. Utilizing the art of curiosity, kindness, mindfulness movements (tai chi)  you build calmness even in a theoretically uneasy environment. This is what I want to share with you so you can experience it for yourself.


What does the program look like?
We will meet, weekly for a 1hr 15 min class, you will receive  theory handouts and a proper practice. Each participant will receive recorded meditations to practice at home. (this course is 1-to-1 online)


  1. Introduction 

  2. Autopilot-what does it mean?

  3. Dealing with barriers & difficulties

  4. Mindfulness of  breath and the body

  5. Being here and now-practice

  6. Exploring Acceptance - what does that mean?

  7. Thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations

  8. Loving kindness (Metta-meditation)

  9.  The rest of your life-action plan

The following practices will occur during the course:

  • body scan
  • sitting meditation (sitting meditation) mindfulness directed to the breath, body, sensations, emotions, and the practice of mindfulness encompassing everything that appears.

  • mindful movement exercises (elements of tai chi, singing and spontaneous dance to 4 songs-Aeolian/ Anger/ Fear of unknown/ Joy)

  • walking meditation

  • awareness of pleasant and unpleasant events

  • awareness of the breath 'Breathing space' along with weekly homework between classes during the week.

  • Metta

Mindfulness and mediation are skills, and like any skill, the art of concentration, loving kindness, body scan, meditation can be learned - all you need is committed practice and an open mind.

What are the benefits of attending the course?

you will learn to: 

☀️increase your mindfulness in daily activities

☀️better manage and cope with stress

☀️strengthen your sense of relaxation and body awareness

☀️build so-called 'headspace', i.e. ability to observe and deal with stressful  thoughts

☀️reduce the tendency to see the world only in dark colours

☀️stop operating on autopilot

☀️meditate and connect more deeply with yourself and your potential

☀️build an 'inner observer' who will be your support, not a critic

☀️unlock hidden layers of creativity

☀️be forgiving to yourself and others

If you want to free yourself from chaos and take a step towards building inner peace within yourself, or my practices have interested you, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation. Start your mindfulness training right now, use this impulse to initiate something new.

This is a 1 to 1 individual training online. Possibility to pay in 2 instalments..

(If you would like to do this course in person cost of renting the venue must be added..)

Number of places limited.

Please contact me to arrange a 30 minute free consultation:
Natalia Krause thislunarmansion@gmail.com/ +353876829661

I have also experience in running an 8 week course for seniors at HSE department plus Quest brain injuries Galway.
If you are interested in a group course for your company, please contact me to arrange the details. Looking forward to working with you!

Music & Mindfulness in Galway


 'Thank you so much for a wonderful class of relaxation, something that is difficult to explain in words. Thank you for your personalized session, your approach and calming atmosphere. I have read about meditation, but it is only after I decided to try this session with you  I realised that it is such a great tool for regaining peace, dealing with emotions, stress & everyday problems.
You are extraordinary! and I am very happy to have met you, the meditation recorded after the session, especially for me, is a wonderful gift that I want to work with every day'.
All the best! Love and best wishes' Ilona Sz.

Feedback collected  from leading tai chi and mindfulness sessions  in October 2023 (seniors group at HSE)

Instructor Natalia Krause

What did you find beneficial about the class?

  • Loved the peace and calm
  • Enjoyed the company and being a part of a group
  • Natalia is an excellent instructor.
  • Natalia was so lovely and really liked her approach as an instructor
  • Loved the cup of tea and chat afterwards and sharing stories
  • I always felt better after each class
  • My balance and strength improved; I am able to stand from my chair on my own without using the arms of the chair now
  • Enjoyed the movement as it helps me feel looser and helps with stress
  • I found the exercises just the right amount of challenge, they weren’t too demanding
  • I enjoyed the slow movements, and it was a gentle exercise
  • I always felt good afterwards
  • I didn’t know what to make of Tai Chi when I first started but was pleasantly surprised


Did you use the exercises in between classes

  • A little, I found some Tai Chi exercises on YouTube
  • I do it every morning before my breakfast
  • I do the stretching and bending down
  • I did once, trying to remember every day can be difficult
  • I feel I would need to practice the exercises regularly
  • Only a couple of times and when I did think of it, I tried the breathing exercise when I was home alone.


Will you incorporate what you learned into your daily routine?

  • I hope to when my energy increases
  • I will try to do it a few times every day in particular, the closing exercise with the arms and breathing and the exercise where your arms move forwards and backwards in a circle
  • I will try to do the breathing exercise as soon as I get up in the morning
  • I am hoping to join a Tai Chi class in town
  • I will continue to use the breathing exercise before breakfast
  • I will use the art of Tai Chi to promote my mental well-being
  • I will certainly try to as I found the moves beneficial to help improve my balance and co-ordination